this is all i know about MAG

  • kohei is the king
  • jake dalton is really really REALLY attractive
  • the u.s. suck on pommel horse i think
  • there’s some dude who’s awesome on rings so they call him “lord of the rings”
  • epke zonderland is awesome on high bar
  • paul hamm has won medals
  • so has alexei nemov



30 Day Gymternet Challenge

1) Favourite Gymnast of All Time

- King Kohei Uchimura. If any gymnast deserves to be compared to royalty I think only Uchimura deserves it. He is that rare gymnast that can do difficult elements and make them look beautiful, especially when seen in slow motion replay. IMO he is perfection. It’s incredible how dominate he is and I don’t think we will ever see another gymnast win 5 consecutive AA title in a row.

I don’t care what anyone thinks but he is the best gymnast that has ever lived. You could argue about different decades, different equipment style or different codes but when it really comes down to it I truly think he is the best there ever was.

30 Day Gymternet Challenge

Day 2. Favorite Gymnast Who is Currently Competing: Kohei Uchimura: He’s the master of the gymnastics Universe, nothing stops him, he’s just as perfect as a gymnast can achieve to be. Ever since his first major competition at the 2008 Olympics, he’s proved to be one of the best, only to become THE Best as he perfected himself. He’s the Emperor, the King, the Supreme Ruler; he’s the god of gymnastics. His perfect form takes my breath away, the fire in his eyes when he competes make me be thankful this athlete exists. I just feel happy when I know he’s competing :).

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So guys, I’m working on this little project where I make D-score guides for MAG, I’m doing this because not many people do it and I thought it would help people understand MAG a little bit more. So far I’m only doing floor, parallel bars and high bar guides, I’ll eventually try my hand at scoring PH and SR.


Haha I like your descriptions.

:P :D thanks haha

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tbh they should move Round Lake to Germany it might be cheaper

30 day Gymternet Challenge

Day 1. Favorite gymnast of all time: Aliya Mustafina, Sass Master Extraordinaire, With a PhD in Badassery.

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30 Day Gymternet Challenge

4. MAG Crush

Philipp Boy!!


The “lord of the rings” Chen Yibing proposed to his girlfriend on the 12th of April at the cinema.

During the advertisements which preceded the movie, a short film detailing their romance suddenly appeared on the screen, as did a mysterious tuxedo wearing man holding red roses who was none other than Chen himself! He offered his girlfriend a touching statement; “Although I lost gold in London, I also met you there.” before proposing to her. His tearful and surprised girlfriend said yes, of course. 

Chen met his fiance, Shan Jingti, in London, where she served as an interpreter for him. It was love at first sight. This love did not fade after Chen returned to China. In fact, Shan gave up her plans to live in England for him, and after obtaining her masters, returned to China to be with her lover. Their wedding will be in another 10 months. 

Let us all wish the happy couple all the best for the future!